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Carbery launches whey-omega-3 blend

Mar 2010- NutraIngredients- Starling

Whey protein concentrate and Omega-3 combine to form a new value-added ingredient from the Irish supplier Carbery Ingredients. The ingredient shows encouraging innovation in the functional ingredient arena using whey protein as a vehicle for other nutritional power-houses

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Whey protein and it's major protein fractions stimulate human neutrophils

Feb 2010- Journal of Nutrition- Rusu

Whey protein has been shown to stimulate human neutrophils by increasing their capacity. Leukocytes (neutrophils) are important sources of cytokines, which to some degree have been shown to have anti-inflammatory activity. Whey protein contains many different protein fractions and each have biological activity. Among the major proteins Beta-Lactoglobulin and Alpha- Lactalbumin show promise for immuno-modulation and immuno-defense

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The effect of pre-meal consumption of whey protein on food intake and post-meal glycemia and insulin responses in young adults

Feb 2010- The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition- Akhavan

Whey Protein consumed before a meal reduces food intake, postmeal blood glucose and insulin, and the ratio of cumulative blood glucose to insulin AUCs in a dose-dependent manner. Intact WP, but not WPH, contributes to blood glucose control by both insulin-dependent and insulin-independent mechanisms

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Whey protein offers formulation value (See the Whey to Greater Product Value)

Dec 2008- Natural Products Insider

Whey protein has come a long way from the days when it was known only as a protein powder supplement for the bodybuilder.

As research has evolved and consumer demand for healthy foods has grown, food and beverage manufacturers hoping to capture a share of the health and wellness market are tapping into the many benefits of formulating with whey protein. Today, this ingredient, which is naturally found in milk, has expanded from powders on the nutrition store shelves to ingredients in products down the grocery aisle. It can be found in numerous snack foods, health bars, performance/nutrition beverages, oatmeal and yogurts. The future looks even brighter for this neutral-flavored ingredient because it can be easily added to all kinds of products to naturally boost the protein and nutritional value, which are important considerations for manufacturers creating protein-fortified products for health-conscious consumers.

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Whey protein could be the next heavyweight ingredient

Oct 2008- SuperMarketGuru.com

The body-building world has brought America one governor/movie star, countless striking models of extreme human fitness—and too many substance abuse stories through the years. While some body builders used steroids and ephedra to gain a competitive edge, it would be a mistake if the negative profile of these substances affected eventual public demand for legitimate nutritional products that spring from this fitness community.......read more

Consuming whey protein during exercise has been shown to reduce muscle damage, increase endurance, and promote faster muscle recovery.
Whey coating of dried strawberries could extend use: Study

Nov 2008- FoodNavigator.com

A new study suggests that coating freeze dried strawberry pieces with whey protein, glycerol and lactose can help reserve texture when they are rehydrated, thereby making them suitable for use in a broader range of moist and liquid applications. ....read more

Whey Protein and building muscle: the sum greater than the parts?

Oct 2008- Nutraingredients.com

A supplement containing whey protein can boost the building of muscle in the elderly, with the effects beyond that of just the amino acid content, says a new study. .....read more

Finished Product Groups are Next Target in Whey Functional Push

Oct 2008

With dairy companies increasingly looking to push whey as functional ingredient, the industry says it must do more to court and target leading food manufacturers to make use of the additive’s potential benefits. .....read more

Protient expands whey protein capacity
Consuming whey protein during exercise has been shown to reduce muscle damage, increase endurance, and promote faster muscle recovery.

Aug 2008

Minnesota-based Protient has said it will expand its whey protein isolate (WPI) capacity in order to meet increased customer demand for the ingredient.....read more

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Your Questions Answered

Safe if expired?

Would it be o.k. to use whey protein past the expiry date on the container?

The nutritional quality of the protein will still be intact.  However, if vitamins and minerals are added to the protein they may have lost some of their activity.  Usually the shelf life for whey protein is based on taste, not protein potency.

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